Saturday, March 14, 2009

are we speaking the same language?

ever have one of those days when you feel like you're speaking Chinese?

at my work we have these little mini burgers... think burger shots or those little ones they have at Ruby Tuesdays... So we have those and they come in 2's, we call em sliders.
Lady calls and orders 3 sliders, 2 rare 1 no pickle. i explain to her that they come in two packs and ask if thats what she wanted for a total of 6. she says "right, 3 sliders 2 rare 1 no pickle." and i confirm with her "for a total of 6, so 4 rare, 2 no pickle."
"NO! 3 sliders, 2 rare, 1 no pickle. i only need three"

whatever. i dropped the subject and she was getting 6 fucking sliders.

and heres where the fun really began... you see, these little bundles of greasy goodness are 2 whole ounces of meat. they are about 1/4 inch thick, if that, and they can only be cooked one way. DONE. I tell her this, and she starts to argue with me. are you fucking kidding me? Im going to be cooking these things. ive been making them for EIGHT, count em, EIGHT YEARS. i know these things. I told her, i might be able to get them medium, but i was making no promises.
"well, thats not gonna work. i need them rare." she barks at me. "well, like i said, they are seriously a quarter inch thick, ill try, but i cant promise theyre going to turn out rare."

"just make sure they are rare, got it?" sure lady. let me bend over backwards for THAT attitude.

i wanted SO BADLY to burn the shit out of her stupid little burgers, but i gave an honest effort to make them rare. she came, picked them up, and then called about 20 minutes later to complain....

her complaint? she only wanted a total of 3 sliders, and they were medium, not rare.

stupid bitch.